Dissidents and Freaks: Build the Mass Party, Not a New Sect


‘They came to know the incorrigible sorrow of all prisoners and exiles, which is to live with a memory that serves no purpose.’  — Camus, The Plague

The first duty of socialists in the current era is not to build a narrow political grouping reflecting their own hyper-specific interpretation of old political questions.  It is instead to build a mass party.  Some may hackle that the two objectives ought to be pursued simultaneously; that may be true.  For those in that school of thought, however, no one can wiggle out of the charge that most left groups have been horribly lopsided in their emphasis toward building sectionally instead of broadly.

It might not be their fault.  Past conditions were possibly not favorable enough for a mass party to emerge, in the USA t least.  The times we live in are different from the 1970-2008 timeframe.  Unfortunately, though, the Left…

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